Intelligent 4CH HD MDVR System Integrate ADAS, DMS Algorithm(MS-TD301)

DSM, ADAS, FacelD function, DVR
Mobile app calibration
RTSP streaming
OSD text overlay
4G+GPS/BD dual mode
4 AHD audio and video access
1 expansion port, IPC/LAN interface
Video output interface intercom speaker function



Peripheral interface Vehicle signal collection Support 4 channel signal acquisition
1 expansion port Standard RS232 interface Adaptive
LED indicator Work status indication 4 indicator lights
Intercom/TTS speaker Intercom and speaker interface, alarm and various text and voice announcements
Video interface Video/audio interface Aviation head interface 4-channel AHD video input interface; video 1/video 2 can be used as DMS and ADAS input
Extension ports USB interface Front USB interface
IPC/LAN interface Use adaptor to connect to aviation head socket
Video output interface CVBS output, use adaptor to connect to aviation head socket
Storage function Parameter class System parameter storage Storage of device working parameters
BSD data Blind zone data stored in primary and secondary links Can store 10,000 pieces of BSD data
Maintenance function SMS configuration function Installation configuration information Support configuration of terminal parameters via SMS
Remote upgrade Central server upgrade Support to upgrade the terminal program through the server
Installation calibration Active safety calibration Support general calibration for DMS, ADAS and parameter configuration
asic functions GPS function Real-time positioning Provide real-time location, speed and other positioning information
Sleep function 4 minutes after ACC OFF, it goes to sleep, and restarts at 2 hour intervals
4G function SMS function Send and receive SMS normally, use SMS to configure and query various parameters
DNS After the domain name is logged on to the platform, it will automatically resolve the domain name, and automatically use the resolved IP to connect to the platform if the domain name is unavailable.
Audio and video Audio and video access Support 4-channel audio and video access, support MIC
Video output Support 1 CVBS output
Video Support dual stream recording and upload
Server connection Positioning report Support SMS and platform to modify the reporting interval
Server roll call Report the current location point information quickly after naming
BSD re-transmission Support saving location information when there is no communication, and retransmit to the server when communication is restored
Multi-packet data upload Support image upload and driving data upload
Audio and video (1) Support video real-time preview

(2) Support recording video download and playback

(3) Support main stream and sub stream

Mileage statistics Report the mileage of vehicles
RTC clock Timing function In the case of GPS not positioning, the 24-hour timing error is less than 10 seconds
Time adjustment function GPS will perform system time calibration for the first time positioning
Alarm function Emergency alarm Press the emergency alarm button to trigger an emergency alarm
Speeding alarm The speed limit value and duration can be configured by SMS and platform
Fatigue driving alarm and early warning The fatigue driving duration and rest time can be configured by SMS and the platform
Positioning module antenna open and short circuit alarm The module automatically detects that the antenna is open or disconnected, and the terminal will also send an alarm message to the user and the server
Main power supply low voltage alarm Support 24V 21.5V low voltage alarm and 12V 10.8V low voltage alarm
Main power failure alarm 10 seconds to detect terminal power failure alarm
In and out of the area Support up to 32 areas and up to 16-side polygons
Route anddeviation alarm Support 32routes, each route supports up to 20 turning points

OEM and ODM accepted.
18 months warranty.
Prompt and full set after sales service.
Products can be customized according to the specific needs.
Packaging and Logo can be designed and customized.


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