Located in Huizhou, Guangdong Province, MINGSHANG Technology boasts a modern garden-style industrial park and a complete technical team of over 70 professionals. Since 2011,  MINGSHANG Technology has been certified with IATF16949:2016 and ISO9001:2008 international quality management systems and complies with RoHS requirements. The company holds several international certifications, including CE, FCC, and E-MARK, and proudly serves clients such as SANY Group, FEDEX, FORD, GMC, YUTONG BUS, KINGLONG, and WEACO.  MINGSHANG Technology is committed to providing high-quality, reliable vehicle safety systems that are highly praised by customers.



 3D 360° Around View Camera System (MS-619Q)

The 3D 360° Around View Camera System (MS-619Q) is a high-end product from Mingshang Technology designed to provide drivers with a blind-spot-free panoramic view, ensuring driving safety. This system incorporates several advanced technologies and features, making it highly effective in various complex driving environments.


HD 360 Panoramic System with Optional 2D/3D

The MS-619Q system offers an HD 360 panoramic view, allowing drivers to choose between 2D and 3D perspectives. The 3D perspective provides a more three-dimensional and intuitive environmental awareness, helping drivers more accurately judge the surroundings of the vehicle. This feature is particularly useful in narrow parking lots and complex urban roads.



Advanced Algorithms and Splicing Technology

The system utilizes advanced image algorithms and splicing technology to seamlessly stitch together images from multiple cameras, creating a complete 360° panoramic view. The algorithms intelligently identify and eliminate distortions and overlaps in the images, ensuring clear and coherent visuals for the best viewing experience.


4-Channel 360 Surround View + 2-Channel BSD Blind Spot Detection

The MS-619Q is equipped with 4-channel 360 surround view cameras and 2-channel blind spot detection (BSD) cameras, with AHD high-definition video input supporting PAL and NTSC formats. The 360 surround view provides comprehensive monitoring, while the blind spot detection function monitors the vehicle’s blind spots in real time, alerting the driver to potential hazards.


Video Recording Function

This system supports video recording, allowing the recording of footage during driving. This feature is particularly important for providing evidence in the event of traffic accidents or disputes.



Configurable Video Output Formats and Frame Rates

The MS-619Q supports various video output formats and configurable frame rates, including AHD, CVBS, and VGA. Users can adjust settings according to their actual needs to ensure optimal image quality and compatibility.


Built-in 2-Channel CAN and 3-Channel I/O Trigger Lines

The system has built-in 2-channel CAN and 3-channel I/O trigger lines, enabling seamless integration with other electronic devices in the vehicle. CAN bus technology ensures stable and reliable data transmission.


USB System Upgrade and Operation

The MS-619Q supports USB system upgrades, USB mouse operation, and infrared remote control operation, making system maintenance and settings adjustments convenient. The USB interface design simplifies system upgrades, ensuring the equipment is always up to date.



Customizable Startup Screen and Multiple Language Support

The system supports customizable startup screens and vehicle models, offering multiple language options. Users can personalize settings according to their preferences and needs, enhancing the user experience.


Specially Designed Cameras for Commercial Vehicles

The MS-619Q features specially designed cameras for commercial vehicles, with waterproof, shockproof, collision-proof, moisture-proof, and corrosion-proof properties. These cameras can operate reliably in harsh working environments, ensuring the durability and reliability of the equipment.



Automotive-Grade Sockets and Firm Connections

The system uses automotive-grade sockets, aviation adapter cables, and extension cables to ensure firm connections, maintaining stable signal transmission and long-term use of the equipment.


Overcurrent, Reverse Connection, and Short-Circuit Protection

The MS-619Q includes overcurrent, reverse connection, and short-circuit protection features, effectively preventing damage to the equipment from circuit faults and enhancing the system’s safety and reliability.



MINGSHANG Technology’s 3D 360° Around View Camera System (MS-619Q) offers comprehensive panoramic monitoring with advanced technology and reliable design, significantly improving driving safety. Whether navigating complex urban roads or maneuvering in narrow parking lots, this system helps drivers confidently handle various driving challenges. With its exceptional technological advantages and reliable product quality,  MINGSHANG Technology has established a solid reputation in the vehicle safety systems industry, becoming a leading provider of innovative solutions.