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Intercity freight security solutions

Commercial vehicle intercity freight safety solutions enhance road safety and transportation efficiency through real-time monitoring and data analysis with dashcams.

Intercity freight security solutions

Our solution leverages AI and IoT technologies to provide comprehensive monitoring and analytics for intercity freight transport through intelligent vehicle recorders, significantly improving transportation safety and efficiency.


machine learning


Blind Spot Scan


Fatigue Driver Alert


Multi-Circuit Monitoring


Route Optimization


Hazard warning


Platform Management

Integration of Intelligent CarLog

Application of IoT devices

Data Analytics & Risk Management

Cloud Platform Communication

AI-driven video analytics

-Emergency braking by vehicle ahead
-pedestrians cross
-lane departure

Emergency Response Mechanism

-tired driving
-distracted driver

Vehicle status monitoring in real time

-Tire Pressure Sensor
-Temperature Sensors
-Fuel Sensor

Intelligent Routing

-Real-time traffic situation
-Weather Info
-Optimized route

Risk assessment models

-Machine Learning Algorithms
-Analyze historical data
-Modeling risk assessment

Real-time alert system

-Potential hazard detected
-Real Time Alarms
-Send Management Center

Centralized data management

-Data upload
-remote access

V2X communications

-Vehicles & Cars
-Information sharing

Configuration Program

Mingshang Cloud:Data scanning, data analysis, data storage, platform decision making
Mingshang SaaS platform

Building a safe, efficient and
synergistic freight transportation system

A early warning safety monitoring device 
Specially designed forcommercial vehicles like trucks, buses, etc., its unique alarm audio outputcan be connected to a display or other speaker-equipped devices.
Analyzes driving behavior and facial expressions to promptly warn against fatigue driving.
Monitors and warns of too close proximity to prevent rear-end collisions.
Issues immediate warnings upon lane deviation to prompt correction.
Analyzes road conditions in real-time to predict collision risks and warn in advance.
Monitors vehicle speed, issuing reminders when exceeding speed limits.
Intelligent Routing for Fleet Efficiency
Utilizes advanced algorithms to provide the most efficient routes for commercial vehicles, optimizing travel time and reducing operational costs.
Calculates the fastest routes using real-time traffic data to minimize delays.
Optimizes fuel consumption by selecting the most economical routes.
Analyzes historical traffic patterns for predictive scheduling and routing.
Enables dynamic routing to adjust to unexpected road conditions.
Integrates with delivery schedules to ensure on-time arrivals.
Blind Spot Detection for Enhanced Safety
Incorporates sensor technology to monitor the vehicle’s blind spots, alerting drivers to unseen hazards and improving road safety.
Utilizes advanced sensors to detect vehicles and objects in blind spots.
Provides audio and visual alerts to prevent potential side and rear collisions.
Supports safer lane changing and merging with real-time monitoring.
Adapts to various vehicle sizes and types for comprehensive coverage.
Enhances driver awareness and confidence with constant vigilance.
Comprehensive Electrical System
Monitors the vehicle’s electrical circuits continuously, ensuring optimal performance and preemptively identifying faults.
Offers real-time diagnostics of electrical systems to prevent malfunctions.
Alerts maintenance teams to irregularities for prompt repairs.
Reduces vehicle downtime with preventative electrical system care.
Ensures longevity and reliability of all vehicular electrical components.
Integrates with fleet management for centralized monitoring.
Driver Monitoring for Safer Journeys
Tracks and analyzes driver behavior to encourage safer driving practices and reduce the risk of accidents.
Identifies risky driving behaviors like harsh braking or quick acceleration.
Provides immediate feedback to drivers for performance improvement.
Enhances driver training programs with detailed behavior data.
Encourages a safety-first culture within the fleet.
Lowers insurance costs through documented safe driving practices.
Streamlined Fleet Operations Management
A central system offering comprehensive monitoring and management of fleet operations, ensuring efficiency and reliability.
Provides a bird’s-eye view of the entire fleet in real-time.
Tracks detailed vehicle metrics including location, fuel usage, and maintenance alerts.
Simplifies communication between dispatchers and drivers.
Facilitates strategic decision-making with extensive data analytics.
Improves route planning and cargo management through integrated systems.

Choosing the right digital security solution for transportation

For large logistic groups
Our solution employs AI and IoT technologies, utilizing smart dashcams to offer comprehensive monitoring and analysis for intercity freight, significantly enhancing transportation safety and efficiency.
For Expanding Logistics Operations
Our tailored solutions leverage AI and IoT to cater to growing companies, providing scalable dashcam systems that ensure safety and efficiency. As your business expands, our system grows with you, offering modular upgrades and integrations that adapt to increasing demands for both urban and regional delivery services. 
For Small-Scale Logistics Enterprises
Designed specifically for micro-enterprises, our digital security system utilizes AI-driven dashcams combined with IoT integration to provide a cost-effective solution for enhancing the safety and efficiency of short-range and local deliveries. Perfect for businesses with limited fleets, our solution offers easy installation and a user-friendly interface to streamline your operations.

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