10.1 inch HD 360 Surround View Safe Driving Assistance Monitor All-in-one System(MS-620A )

  • No need MCU box all built-in 10.1″ monitor

  • Built-in DVR ,GPS,Wi-Fi
  • Support remote view
  • With AI function,equipped with alarm for pedestrians.
  • Touch screen,2D/3D
  • Support Zoom , any angle rotation
  • Support manual , automatic and remote calibration .
  • Support 1mx1m cloth cablibration
  • Good night vision.
  • Easy import and export of calibration files and pictures
  • Storage devices: TF card/USB flash


10.1 inch IPS Touch-screen monitor


1-minute auto-calibration ,support remote calibration

1 mx1m cloth calibration

Easy import and export of calibration files

Built-in AI function,equipped with alarm

2D/3D support

Support parking sensors MAX 12PCS(Optional)

Built-in Recorder Built-in 4G,Wi-Fi,support platform,support remote viewing

Built-in GPS

Automatic trigger switch (reverse/left/right)

4 x 210° wide-angle fish-eye cameras

System:Android 8.1

CPU:ARM Cotex-A53 4.5GHz Quad-core processor



Built-in 32GB/64GB

Support bluetooth(optional)

Support radio(optional)

Support 1CH 485(Optional)

Support Zoom , any angle rotation

Good night vision

Power supply:

Professional vehicle power supply 9-36V DC wide voltage

Low voltage, short circuit, reverse connection and other protection

Support intelligent power management identification, low power automatic shutdown, flameout low

power consumption

Data storage:

Supports support TF (128GB),USB Flash,USB SSD

Wireless module:

Built-in GPS+GLONASS+ AGPS+BDS module, high sensitivity, fast positioning

Built-in 4G module, support LTE/HSPA/WCDMA and

WIFI 802.11 b/g/n

Active safety early warning system:

Built-in ADAS (FCW, HMW, PCW)

A 360 camera system can support a variety of vehicles; commercial vehicles, trucks, school bus, transit bus, ambulance, fire truck, tractors, and cranes. By using various cameras, manoeuring in areas that are difficult to access have never been easier. Thanks to this technology, collisions and fatal crashes can be avoided.

OEM and ODM accepted.
18 months warranty.
Prompt and full set after sales service.
Products can be customized according to the specific needs.
Packaging and Logo can be designed and customized.

The 360 camera system consists of a four camera and a monitor, which are connected together via wiring. By using ultra wide-angle lens on the side and high focus lens on the front and back; the vehicle’s surrounding is visualised, displaying real time panoramic view on the monitor. The system also allocate the appropriate camera view when specific control unit is activitated. If the right/left turn signal is triggered, the system will automatically show the corisponding camera (right/left); if the vehicle is reversing, the back up camera will show up.


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