9″ Quad LCD Monitor(MS-792Q)


1. Resolution: 800 X 3 (RGB) X480
2. Contrast: 500:1
3. Dot pitch: 0.192 ( H) X 0.1805 (V )
4. Viewing angle U: 50/D: 60   L/R: 70
5. Input power: DC10-36V
6. System: PAL and NTSC
7. Respond time: 30ms
8. Shock resistant
9. Picture display format: 4:3/16:9
10. Operation temperature: – 30°C~+70°C


1. 9″ Quad LCD Monitor.
2. Automatic switching with three triggers.
3. Single, dual , triple , quad image available.
4. Mirror function for each camera can be separately set up.
5.Supply voltage10-32V DC & built in speaker.
6. Dust and waterproof design,all connectors are waterproof.
7. Meet the requirements for hot,cold weather also shock and vibration.
8. 20G force for vibration and 100G for shock with industrial applications.
9. Auto on when vehicle is placed in reverse.
10. With USA imported IC & Techwell industrial digital video processor.
11. Short-circuit protection circuit design, avoid mistake connecting leading to the monitor’s circuit damage.


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