7″ TFT LCD Monitor(MS-705)


1. Input voltages available from DC10V-36V with audio
2. Mirror or no mirror could be set separately in each channel
3. With dimming function(day and night mode)
4. Could be connected with 3 cameras for side view  and rear view
5. With 3 Auto triggers
6. A variety of installation: headrest, bracket, flush mount
7. The button on the monitor have blue light in dark automatically
8. Grid lines could be adjusted up or down, left or right
9. Built to withstand the shock and vibration associated withindustrial applications


1. Resolution: 800 X 3 (RGB) X480

2. Contrast: 500:1

3. Dot pitch:0.192 ( H) X 0.1790 (V )

4. Viewing angle U:50/D:60   L/R:70

5. Input power: DC10-36V

6. Brightness: 400cd/m2

7. System: PAL and NTSC

8. Shock resistant, specifically design for mobile use

9. Picture display format: 16:9

10. Operation temperature: – 30°C~+70°C

11. Sunshade cover is easy to install and take off

12. MOQ=100pcs


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