7″ HD Touchscreen Car DVD Player(MS-808L)


The main features of the MS-808L project are as follows:
1. The system uses ARK1668 processor, main frequency: 700MHz
2. Operating system: LINUX
3. 7-inch high-definition screen display, capacitive touch screen
4. Built-in memory: DDR3 2Gb, NANDFLASH: 1Gb
5. Provide 1 channel TF card, 1 channel USB, mobile phone interconnection (carlife)
6. Built-in radio/multimedia playback, support 1080P HD decoding
7. Built-in Bluetooth module to realize Bluetooth/car phone
8. Rear view, dynamic auxiliary line


Climate conditions and power supply conditions

Normal working environment: Temperature: 18℃~28℃

Relative humidity: 45%~75% Air pressure: 86kpa~106kpa

Temperature range:

Working temperature: ﹣30℃~75℃ Storage temperature: ﹣40℃~85℃

Electrical requirements:

Multimedia product working voltage range: DC18V–36V test voltage: DC24V

Nominal voltage: DC24V

Working current: <600mA (when the amplifier is muted), MAX 5A

Static current: ≤10mA (use the nominal voltage 24V to test the static current)



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