Mingshang Information |  Twist into a Rope, Come True to a Dream Together! The year-end party of Mingshang Technology was grandly held




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The year-end party of Mingshang Technology was grandly held

At the beginning of the night, a spectacular audio-visual feast opened in the banquet hall of a five-star hotel. This is not only a joyful gathering, but also a heartfelt gratitude from the company to all employees who have worked hard over the past year, as well as shareholders, suppliers, and friends from all walks of life who have strongly supported and helped the company’s development; The sense of ceremony is full, and the friendship is long-lasting!
The venue of the evening party was full of joy, and the red background at the entrance was particularly eye-catching with the words “twisted into a rope, realizing a dream together”. Everyone stopped to take photos and wished the company a smooth and prosperous year ahead, with thriving business!


Overture plays, passion bursts forth

When the familiar melody of “The Descendants of the Dragon” sounded, the atmosphere of the whole room was instantly ignited. This powerful and confident song heralds tonight as an exciting and extraordinary night.



Hosting style, controlling the entire venue

Subsequently, two hosts with vastly different styles, Zhou Hong and Xie Biao, made a brilliant appearance. They are humorous and witty, with witty words that not only push the atmosphere of the scene to one climax after another, but also win applause from the audience with their wisdom and talent.


Leadership Message, Leading the Way

Amidst enthusiastic applause, Chairman Mr. Jiang Zhizhou delivered a heartfelt and visionary opening speech. He reviewed the company’s achievements in market development, technological innovation, and team building in 2023 and expressed sincere gratitude to all employees for their hard work. At the same time, he also looked forward to the future development direction of the company, outlined the strategic goals and planning blueprint for the new year, and motivated every employee of Mingshang to contribute their own strength to the company’s development.


Talent display, exciting and diverse

A collection of on-site pictures

The upcoming talent display segment is even more exciting and overwhelming. The boldness of “One Smile in the Jianghu”, the humor of “Playing the Qin to a Bull”, and the softness of the dance “Like a Fish”… each program fully showcases the versatility and infinite creativity of the employees. They weaved a joyful and moving night together with their singing, dancing, and wholehearted dedication.


Honor Moment, Role Model Power


Commending advanced individuals and advocating honor. The establishment of loyalty service award, excellent employee award, excellent manager award, sales star award, excellent project team award… These awards not only affirm and encourage employees to work hard in the past year, but also serve as important ways to set an example and convey positive energy. Behind each winner lies a touching story and a spirit of unremitting struggle, as they interpret the company’s values and corporate culture through their practical actions.


Lucky draw, constant surprises








The most anticipated lottery draw has also arrived as scheduled. As awards were drawn one by one, the atmosphere on site was pushed to new heights time and time again. Whether it’s physical prizes or cash red envelopes, every piece of luck comes with surprises and laughter, allowing everyone to feel the company’s care and warmth.


A toast at the dinner party, deep and meaningful

At the dinner party, all the delicious food was served, and everyone sat together to enjoy an unforgettable reunion time. Company leaders, colleagues, shareholders, and guests all raised their glasses and exchanged New Year greetings, expressing their good wishes for the future development of the company and sincere care for the employees. Amidst the festive banquets, everyone chatted freely about their thoughts, shared experiences, and exchanged emotions, feeling together the beautiful atmosphere of unity, harmony, and positivity.


Perfect ending, looking forward to seeing you again

With the end of the last program and the host’s farewell speech, the annual meeting of Mingshang Technology Co., Ltd. also came to a successful conclusion. Although the evening party has come to an end, laughter and emotion have been engraved in our hearts. This is not only an unforgettable gathering, but also a precious memory that motivates all employees of the company to move forward.

Let’s “twist into a rope, fulfill a dream together”, and witness the growth and glory of the company together!