Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery (MS-206)


1.With two LED lights, red and blue, indicates the battery power.

2. Discharge state:

Battery>50%, the red and blue lights are on at the same time;

50%>Battery>30%, blue light is on;

30%>Battery>10%, the red light is on;

Battery<10%, the indicator light shows the red light, frequency is 500ms. Warning for low power, please charge.

3. Charge state

Red light, it is charging

Blue light, it is fully charged

4 During battery charging, the dischargingis forced to a cut-off




1.Battery Capacity: 5500mAh

2.Charging Voltage: DC 13~18V

3.Charging Time: 4H

4.Discharging Voltage: 10~12.6V (120mA-140mA)

5.Discharging Time: 25~26H

6.Charging Temperature: -20~75℃

7.Discharging Temperature: -20~75℃

8.Storage Temperature: -20~80℃

9.Waterproof Rating: IP69K

10.Dimension: 105*645*42(mm)

11.Weight: 450g

12.Mounting: Magnetic mount,screw optional

13.Connection: Waterproof DC with lock

14. MOQ=100pcs


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