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  • 1.Support Customized 2.Support CAN to control the power loads: lighting, air conditioner, door opening, etc. 3.Built-in Bluetooth - Digital Media Receiver /Multimedia Receiver 4.Intelligent Voice control 5.can connect to mobile phone 6.Super 4-core CPU 7.With video and audio, radio, With Navigation, 8.Reverse blind area image support 4CH cameras, radar range monitoring. 9.Multi-channel video monitoring etc 10.High-definition capacitive touch screens 11.Support hots spot Wi-Fi 12.Support TMPS1. 13.Support connecting with other terminals such as 360 Surround View, ADAS, DMS, BSD, TBOX, DVR and so on。
  • 12.1” Android Auto/Apple CarPlay 1.Built-in Bluetooth –  Digital Media Receiver /Multimedia Receiver 2.Intelligent display screen integrated video and audio playback, radio, car navigation,bluetooth communication, reverse blind area image, radar range monitoring, multi-channel video monitoring etc. 3.It can be customized for customers with different sizes of high-definition capacitive touch screens,car level applications, mobile phones display on screen, split screen display, dual screen different display and other rich extension functions, Via it you can access many popular smartphone apps for maps, messages, music and more. 4.At the same time, it supports the connection with the driving recording terminal, access to the vehicle network, vehicle information display and other functions.
  • 360-degree panoramic view system-3D starlight HD, is to form a 360-degree panoramic bird's eye view of the car's surroundings by collecting the images of 4 ultra-wide-angle high-definition fisheye cameras installed in the front/rear/left/right of the car, and real-time transmitted to the display screen to present a real-time panoramic image to the driver in the car. Through the three-dimensional bird's eye view driving assistance system, the driver can intuitively observe the position of the vehicle and the obstacles around the vehicle while sitting in the car, and calmly control the vehicle into position or pass through complex roads, effectively reducing scratches, collisions, Traffic accidents such as sinking occurred.
  • 1. A cost-effective, functionally scalable 4G vehicle positioning terminal that integrates video surveillance, driving records and active safety. 2. With dual SD card recording, it can achieve 1080P, 720P, D1, HD1, CIF and other resolution recording. 3. It combines advanced H.265 video compression/decompression technology, mobile network technology, positioning technology in this field, can realize video recording, car driving information recording and wireless data upload, central Remote monitoring, remote management, vehicle data collection and analysis. 4. Driving behavior analysis, sound and light reminders for dangerous driving behaviors, to achieve real-time monitoring of vehicle and driver status, avoid fatigue driving and speeding, reduce accident hazards, and ensure vehicle driving safety.
  • DSM、ADAS、FacelD function、DVR Mobile app calibration RTSP streaming OSD text overlay 4G+GPS/BD dual mode 4AHD audio and video access 1 expansion port,IPC/LAN interface video output interface intercom speaker function
  • MS-TD105 Product Functions Fatigue driving warning Through facial detection, the DSM detects driver’s eyes are abnormally keeping closed and then warning. The warnings are classified to different levels according to vehicle speed. The warning way is voice warning. Distraction warning Through facial detection, the DSM detects driver’s head turns around and then warning. The warnings are classified to different levels according to vehicle speed. The warning way is voice warning. Smoking warning Through gesture detection, the DSM detects driver is smoking and then warning. The warnings are classified to different levels according to vehicle speed. The warning way is voice warning.
  • MS-VD201 The VD201 blind spot detection and driver safety monitoring system is a product developed for commercial vehicles. It combines forward collision warning (FCW) and driver state monitoring (DSM) functions to help reduce traffic accidents and save lives. Due to the visual blind spot in the rearview mirrors of the car, pedestrians in the blind spot cannot be seen when the car is moving. If there are pedestrians in the blind spot, a traffic accident may occur when changing lanes or making turns. In conditions such as heavy rain, fog, and dim light at night, it is even more difficult to see the blind area. The blind spot monitoring system is created to solve the problems with blind area of the rearview mirror. When the system is working, cameras are installed to cover the blind spots, and the BSD algorithm is used to determine whether there are pedestrians in the image or video sequence and to provide precise positioning. When a pedestrian is detected to have crossed the virtual warning line, the alarm will sound to alert the driver and pedestrian. The internal view DSM camera can identify abnormal driving behaviors such as driver fatigue, distracted driving, smoking, and phone calls, and verify the driver's identity through the face recognition algorithm. The BSD or DSM warning event is sent to the back-end server. The event data collected can be used to conduct in-depth driving behavior analysis of the drivers, to improve the safety and operating efficiency of the fleet, and potentially to reduce insurance costs.
  • MS-1066 vSmart High Limit Detector HIGH LIMIT DETECTION RANGE Up to 50 meters Sate-Of-The-Art Computer Vision: everything is recognized with distance, same as human eyes

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