Recently, Ding Ming,head of Green Power Transportation project of State Power Investment Corporation, paid a special visit to Ming Shang Technology, and was personally received by Mr.Jiang Zhizhou,  Chairman of Ming Shang Technology.  The two sides had extensive and in-depth exchange on intelligent transportation, intelligent mines, intelligent ports and integareted intelligent energy.  Leader of the product technology, intelligent manufacturing and Internet of vehicles industry of Ming Shang Technology attended the exchange activities.

Jiang Zhizhou, chairman of the board, welcomed the visit of the project team of State Power Investment Corporation.  The head of the Marketing Department of the company made a key introduction to the guests in the product exhibition hall.  Ding Ming expressed that the Ming Shang technology has made a admirable achievements in the global commercial vehicle intelligent industry.  He said:   Mingshang Technology is an excellent system integrator in the field of intelligent commercial vehicle driving safety and also one of the top ten brands of vehicle video in China.  It is a very visionary strategic thinking to include the intelligent cockpit, intelligent network, intelligent driving and intelligent terminal business in the 14th Five-year development plan of Mingshang technology.

Mr Ding also said:  State Power Investment Corporation”Green Power Transportation”project is the key of the countries to carry out the strategy of double carbon project.  since 2021 into the“green electricity”transportation field,constructed by heavy card in electricity power transportation alternative ecosystem, system layout the domestic energy grid, depth build up the intergration network, transportation network, information network, and environmental protection network with the integration of source, network, load, and storage.  products and services have been applied in mines, power plants, heavy industry, Port, and urban logistics transportation, through the innovative mode of “vehicle-electricity separation”, to achieve large-scale market application of electric energy replacement, with the three industrial revolutions of automobile + energy + information, effectively empower transport enterprises, promote the industrial upgrading of transport industry.

Subsequently, Luo Hongfa,head of the Internet of Vehicles ,introduced to the guests that:  with nearly 20 years of development, Mingshang Technology has developed into an important promoter in the field of intelligent driving safety of commercial vehicles in China and a national high-tech enterprise of intelligent system integration of commercial vehicles. Mingshang Technology focuses on the development and application of hardware and software, platform core technologies in the field of  intelligent driving safety of commercial vehicles, providing global commercial vehicle users with integrated services of driving safety, vehicle management, intelligent driving,intelligent networking, intelligent terminal application and other software integration.  The company’s products focus on video security collection, storage, monitoring, cloud, data computing products full link technology integration, systematic collection thermal imaging dual light fusion night vision, intelligent cockpit display, active safety AEBS, advanced driver assistance (ADAS, BSD, DMS, MDS) and multichannel blind area 360 panoramic technology.  The products have been widely used in large logistics, construction machinery, tuck&bus manufacturing, ports, airports, forest river and intelligent transportation and other fields.  It is a supplier of more than 100 famous enterprises including Sany, Zoomlion, Caterpillar, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle, Yutong Bus, Longma Sanitation, FAW Jiefang, BYD, Iveco, Ford and JAC, It also has established long-term and stable cooperative relationship with ArcSoft, Horizon, PATEO, ThunderSoft, Yonyou, Kingdee, Rockchip, NXP, Sony, Sharp, OV,  SAP,  Amfo,  Huawei, and Baidu.

Mingshang technology through the implementation of the hardware and software system integration ability and the base of the commercial  digital  platform operating advantage, focus on commercial vehicle intelligent cockpit system integration (such as ADAS), commercial vehicle intelligent driving system integration (such as AEBS), commercial vehicle intelligent snatched scheme integration (such as intelligent port, mine) and commercial vehicle research and development of the global intelligent base industry, and relying on the perfect global industrial chain and supply chain platform resources.  By 2025, Mingshang technology strives to provide products and technical services for more than 60% of the global market; to deliver 18 million sets of intelligent commercial vehicle terminal equipment,  and 20% of global ports, mining, logistics, transportation and commercial vehicle manufacturers with intelligent, digital, information and networked solutions, to achieve the enterprise output value of billions of dollars, market value of billions of development goals.

Finally, both sides were satisfied with this business exchange and have reached a preliminary strategic cooperation consensus in ports, mines, intelligent transportation, Internet of vehicles technology application, integrated intelligent energy and other fields. Both sides look forward to accelerating the progress of cooperation and jointly promoting practical cooperation in key areas and major project.