From September 12 to 13, 2020, the 2020 China (Shenzhen) international automotive electronics industry annual meeting was grandly held in Shenzhen. Jiang Zhizhou, general manager of the company, participated in the annual meeting and delivered a keynote speech at the meeting, which made an in-depth analysis on the development and future of commercial vehicle intelligent cockpit. The speech was highly recognized by representatives of many vehicle enterprises. At the same time, President Jiang also took part in the “special exchange meeting for Dongfeng commercial vehicles” and the “car factory Salon” respectively, where he shared the development ideas and product advantages of famous manufacturers, reached many consensus and established deep friendship with many car manufacturers and auto parts manufacturers.
In the speech, Mr. Jiang also introduced the profound background of the Mingshang, who has accumulated rich experience in the vehicle video and image related industry for more than ten years, and has many advantages in the commercial vehicle cockpit system and played a leading role in the industry.He said that in order to make this field better development, Mingshang are willing to be pioneers, the dirty work dry, wade out of this subdivision of the field of a smooth avenue. Mr. Jiang also introduced the existing incubation center of Mingshang to the conference, saying that he hoped to attract the research and developers of the upstream and downstream industry chains of the industry through the incubation center, and set the force of all to jointly do a good job in the industry of automotive ADAS and commercial vehicle intelligent cockpit.Participation in this conference not only enhanced the company’s visibility, demonstrated the company’s scientific research strength, but also determined our development direction, so that the enterprise will continue to move forward in the right direction.Please believe: the future of Mingshang can be expected!
In the two activities of “Special Exchange meeting of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles” and “Car factory salon”, Mr. Jiang had in-depth communication and discussion with vehicle manufacturers and peers.He lancered un appel the enterprises and associations to call on the government to establish a unified industry standard to promote the healthy development of the commercial vehicle electronic parts industry.At the exchange meeting, people spoke freely about the direction of the industry development and mutual cooperation. We enhanced understanding, reached consensus, and laid a foundation for the follow-up cooperation.
The annual meeting was held by Shenzhen automotive electronics industry association. Mingshang technology is the founding member of the association and the sponsor of the conference, which has made important contributions to the development of the association and the success of the conference. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the establishment of Shenzhen Automotive Electronics Industry Association. The theme of the conference is “Embracing 5G Innovation and Development and stepping into the New Decade based on the Greater Bay Area”.This conference gathered 45 vehicle manufacturers, many automotive electronics enterprises and auto dealers in China. Everyone gathered together to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the association, discuss the great cause of automobile development, and plan the next new decade.